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Elevate your restaurant's digital presence with InitiatoSwift's newest addition: Restaurant CRM! Our comprehensive CRM solution empowers you to revolutionize guest interactions, manage customer data seamlessly, and take control of your online and offline presence.

Restaurant CRM

Table reservation made easy!

We respect the bond between you and your customers. Utilizing Initiatoswift's restaurant management system, you have full ownership and control over your guest relationships and data.

Build direct relationships

Bid farewell to avoidable costs associated with cover fees and commissions, making a direct positive impact on your overall financial performance. Utilize automated reminders and confirmations to reduce no-shows, leading to a boost in revenue.

Boots profits

Initiatoswift's restaurant management system is demonstrated to boost customer loyalty, encouraging repeat business. Our automated marketing simplifies personalized promotions, ensuring your restaurant stays top of mind even between meals.

Increase retention
restaurant CRM

Your Brand, Your Data

Initiatoswift's restaurant CRM system eliminates intermediaries between you and your guests. We position your brand front and center, seamlessly connecting you directly to the booking and ordering channels that matter most to you. Beyond commission-free orders and reservations, you'll capture valuable guest data, while minimizing no-shows, cancellations, and abandonments. Initiating the relationship from the outset ensures diners are invested in the experience from the start.

restaurant CRM

Boost revenue,

increase retention

Initiatoswift's restaurant management system opens the door to limitless opportunities for personalized service and scalable targeted marketing. After the meal, marketing automation tools allow you to segment your client database, ensuring the delivery of the right message to the right guests at the right time.

restaurant CRM

Floor Plan Integration

& Mobile Flexibility

Initiatoswift's restaurant management system seamlessly integrates a floor plan view with the capability to merge tables, ensuring smooth accommodation of larger groups and facilitating online reservations. Moreover, this feature is easily accessible and efficiently managed on the go through the mobile app, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience for restaurant operations.

Integrate Table Reservation

In today's dynamic restaurant landscape, building strong customer relationships is paramount to success. InitiatoSwift's CRM integration empowers your restaurant to seize control of guest interactions, own valuable customer data, and elevate the overall dining experience. From personalized marketing to reducing no-shows and capturing rich guest insights, now is the time to integrate our CRM and ensure your restaurant stays ahead in a competitive market. Seize the opportunity to foster lasting connections, boost repeat business, and take your restaurant to new heights!

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