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screen shot of wix table reservation

Wix Studio mobile app screen

Once you open the Wix studio mobile app, you should come to this screen.

You can manage your app, view your site if you have multiple site and chat with online customer who send you a message in your website chat box.

Now click on your Dashboard.

screen shot of wix table reservation


In your Dashboard scroll to Table Reservation selection.

  1. Change the location to your outlet that you want to view or manage.

  2. You can click on the manage button at the top right of the selection to manage and view your reservations.

  3. Add reservation or walk-in to close the table for online reservation.

screen shot of wix table reservation

Managed reservation

After you click on the manage button, it will bring you to this screen. Where you will be able to see all reservations by date and time. If you are at the wrong outlet, you will need to return to dashboard to change the location.

  1. There is a request tab besides the reservations tab. It is for you to approve or reject large party pax. (example: you have set a maximum size of 12 pax for online reservation and someone requested a table for 13 pax or more.)

  2. Refresh your screen for latest reservation.

  3. Add New button at the button for you to add reservations or walk-in.

screen shot of wix table reservation

Add new reservation / walk-in

When you choose to add new reservation, you will have the option to choose reservation or walk-in. 

  1. Choose party size.

  2. Duration is set to default at 1 hour

  3. select your table number

  4. Input guest details

  5. Add notes (example: need child seat, or allergy and etc.)

  6. Click save at top right corner

screen shot of wix table reservation

Change table status

When your customer leaves, always remember to go to manage reservation to change the status of the table in order for the table to be available for online reservation.

  1. Click on Seated.

  2. Select Finished to make table 1 available for online reservation.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for a Wix account. 

  2. When you sign up for the first time, wix will prompt you to build your own website. Choose continue without AI, then choose skip at the bottom until you come to the dashboard of you wix account.

  3. Download Wix studio mobile app.

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